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The Offline Address Book contains the properties of a user, such as e-mail addresses, that Microsoft Outlook requires in order to send an e-mail message and display information about the user. By using the Offline Address Book, Outlook does not have to connect to Exchange in order to resolve names or open the records for each user. This reduces network traffic and improves performance.

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend that you download the full details of the Offline Address Book. This makes more address book information available when there is no network connectivity

If Outlook is left running constantly in Cached Exchange Mode, it updates the Offline Address Book automatically about once a day, depending on Address Book updates on the server running Exchange. To initiate these updates manually, do the following.

To download the OAB in Outlook 2010/2013 simply:

1. Go to 'Send/Receive'

2. Then select 'Send/Receive Groups' (Click on down-arrow)

3. The select 'Download Address Book'

4. Un-tick 'Download changes since last Send/Receive'

5. Select 'OK'

To Download the OAB in Outlook 2007 simply:

1. On the Tools menu, point to Send/Receive, and then click 'Download Address Book'

2. Under Information to download, click 'Full Details' or 'No Details'

Please bear in mind that in an exchange environment any changes to contacts, permissions or distributions could potentially take up to 72 hours to complete the process of updating the Offline Address Book and that contacts may need to be manually added until it appears in the OAB.

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