Exchange 2013 Manual Configuration (PC)  Print this Article

If your PC is Window XP, please ignore steps 12 and 13

In Windows 7/8

1. Browse to Control Panel - Mail - Show Profiles
Stage 1

2. Make sure to pre-select 'Prompt for a profile to be used'

3. Select 'Add . . . ' and input the full email address of the user on the new server and select 'OK'
Stage 2

4. Select 'manual setup or additional server types' and select 'Next'
Stage 3

5. Select 'Microsoft Exchange Server or compatible service' and click 'Next'
Stage 4

6. Under Server Settings:
Stage 5

 'Use cached Exchange Mode' is ticked. (This is necessary in order for the Offline Address Book to work) 

  • Server = mbx1
  • Username = full exchange mailbox email address (Do not select "Check Name" at this point)
  • 'Use cached Exchange Mode' is ticked. (This is necessary in order for the Offline Address Book to work) 


7. Select 'More Settings'

8. Browse to 'Connection'

9. Tick 'Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP'

10. Select Exchange Proxy Settings
Stage 6

11. Under 'Connection Settings' input

12. Tick 'Only connect to proxy servers that have this principle name in their certificate'

13. Input in the field below:

14. Tick 'On fast networks . . .'

15. Change 'Proxy authentication settings' to 'Basic Authentication'

16. Select 'OK'
Stage 7

17. Select 'OK' again

18. Now 'Check Name' and wait for the username to underline.

19. Select 'Next' and 'Finish' when profile creation is completed.

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